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Who Are We?

You're here so you probably already know The Reconstructed are a folk-rock band from Southern Maine/Seacoast New Hampshire. We've been playing together for the better part of the last decade. Before that our members were involved in many of the Seacoast area’s most successful acts, including Pondering Judd, Thanks To Gravity, the Molenes, Long Day and the Farewell Drugs. In 2016, we were named Rock Act of the Year at the Seacoast Music Awards, and our critically-acclaimed debut album, Dawn Chorus, which was released in September 2015 was honored as as Album of the Year.

What Is This?

Our new album, Great North Wind, is a collection of 10 new songs we've written since we released Dawn Chorus. (We've actually written a lot more songs than that but these 10 are the ones that made the cut for the album.) We're putting the final touches on the recording, mixing and mastering, but it’s largely finished, and we’re planning a June 15 album release. Here's the first single from the album, give it a listen:

Why a Fundraiserrocker?

You may be asking, if the album is almost finished, why start a fundraiser now? We are very fortunate to have at our disposal the means and the in-house talent to record, engineer and produce the album on our own, with virtually no upfront costs. This enables us to take our time crafting the songs, and to put out the best possible recording that our patience allows. And digital distribution means it's also virtually free to sell the album online.

Still, many music fans (ourselves included) prefer to purchase physical albums, which are expensive to produce. That's where this fundraiser comes in. Your contributions will enable us to manufacture CDs and vinyl LPs that we can sell at shows, while also allowing us to measure demand for these items so we don't end up with hundreds of copies in our basements. And in return for your support, we can offer up some cool one-of-a-kind items and band-related experiences.

Lastly, but most importantly, while online streaming services are convenient for consumers, they don't pay the bills. In fact, indie artists like us generally receive very little, if any, income from the popular streaming services. Seriously, it’s usually measured in pennies. A fundraiser like this one allows you, the listener, to pay it forward for all those sweet free streams you're gonna get. Plus, you can feel great knowing you helped bring this baby into the world.


We have an album release party on June 15th, and you better already have tickets. If not, remedy that situation now. So yeah, the album will be released in early June. Specifically, we’re releasing the digital version on June 1. and we'll have the CDs available starting with the album-release show on June 15. Vinyl takes a lot longer to produce and is way more expensive, so we're looking at a tentative September release for those of you who prefer turntables. Vinyl will be the coolest version by far, and even if you don't have a record player you should get that one because yeah, it's that cool. It'll be worth the wait, we promise, and just look at that cover:

Vinyl Mockup